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October 12th, 2010


ACCEPT stands for All of Charlottesville Caring for Every Person Together. ACCEPT was formed on the evening of October 7, 2010 as a result of a community action meeting held in UVa's Newcomb Hall Ballroom. The purpose of this group, this movement, this action is to show respect and love for the recent victims of anti-gay bullying and also to draw awareness to the national issues of anti-gay bullying, victimization and suicide prevention (Facebook group).

To accept means to understand, receive with approval, regard as sound, answer affirmatively to

Campaign: Make It Better


Celebrities and well-known figures are showing their love, support and empathy for the lgbtq youth out there facing difficult times. Ellen Degeneres, along with others are using their name and fame to spread the important message of "Make It Better". The link below leads to a page Ellen has dedicated on her site to address bullying, give resources, and share what others have to say on the topics of bullying and suicide.


October 10th, 2010

Writer's Block: 10/10/10

What is your opinion on numerology? Do you think number sequences can reveal future events?

10:10 10/10/10 What are your top 10 tips to promote tolerance, understanding, and acceptance and stop bullying?
This an announcement of a community-wide awareness event that may interest you and/or the groups with whom you may be involved. The Vigil and Fundraising Efforts are the result of a Community Action Meeting held on Thursday 10/7 to discuss how to prevent bullying and suicide among youth, and particularly LGBTQ youth. We invite you to forward this to group email lists, print in any announcements/publications, and/or make brief announcements to the groups with whom you work!
To honor the lives of LGBTQ youth who have commited suicide, and who were victimized or bullied, and to express Charlottesville's commitment to prevent bullying and to promote acceptance in our community and our schools:
Come to the ACCEPT  (All Charlottesville Caring for Every Person Together!) Vigil  on October 20th at 7:00pm, at UVA's Rotunda (street-side). 
Resources will be available!!
-On how schools can support LGBT students
-On how schools/adminstrators can prevent bullying and victimization
-On how students can develop Gay-Straight Alliances
-On where youth/students can find groups and activities that are LGBT-affirming 
To Help raise funds for the ACCEPT Vigil and fund suicide-prevention and LGBT-supportive groups:
Go to Lunch at Zazu's on Wednesday, 10/13 , from 11am- 3pm   and/or   Go to dinner at Escafe on Wednesday 10/13 from 5-9:30pm
10-15% of the proceeds will go to the Vigil and the ACCEPT movement!!
Please contact: Laura Elizares (laura.elizares@gmail.com) and Rachel Farr (rachel.farr@gmail.com) for more information, or to Volunteer at the Vigil!!
Thank you!
Most Sincerely,
Laura Elizares

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